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AIS Sales Order Maker

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Product Catalog / Sales Order Maker Application


  1. Sales team on the field without updated data
  2. Sales team place sales orders manually on papers
  3. Delay on the delivery of the placed sales orders to the back office
  4. Sales Manager lose control over his team performance
  5. Inaccurate sales and stock reports
  6. Sales Manager spending his time managing paper sales orders and printed product catalogs

When it comes to any business model whose sell products and/or services, there’s one universal truth: no matter how great your project or service is, your business will fail if you have an inefficient sales process.

Whether the sales process efficiency lies on the training, teamwork, motivation, and organization of the sales team, it lies also on the availability, correct use of sales data, and on the communications of the sales staff with other company’s departments. These issues have to be addressed if you ever want your business to grow and thrive.

With one billion devices running Android worldwide today, and 1.5 million device activations every day, we have developed our android application "AIS SOM" that will help you to fix and enhance your sales cycle, by making the proper sales data available for your sales team in a secure and easy way, and by improving the communications between your company’s departments.

As a company who works with many established businesses that rely on a healthy sales cycle, and as we have many IT experts passionate about new technologies, we have built this solution that will protect your return On investment, as you will pay one time for license (no monthly subscription), and it will provide you also a lower total cost of ownership as you can bring your own device and install our app on it.

We believe our application will effectively improve the performance of any sales team by making updated sales data always available for them; they can show their products in an easy and fast way to their customers, collect sales orders, and synchronize this valuable data with the back office instantly.

This application is available to try for 3 days, free of charge; all features will be available during this period.

Application Features/How it work:

Items data excel file:

Export your sales data from your ERP, Stock, or sales software, and import it to AIS SOM app, to make all this data available for the sales team and the customer in 1 window. Data like item code, barcode, description, brand, unit price, category, and units per box, whenever available; it will make the decision making easier for everyone.

Customers data excel file


Export your customers data also, and import it to AIS SOM app, to make sure that the sales order is for the correct customer, avoid making invoice or sending goods to wrong customers. During sales order taking you can search for customers by ID, customer name, customer barcode or phone number

 Item selection window

During the installation, the application will create 1 folder inside the device storage called AIS SOM, with 3 subfolders; Import to device, export from device, and items pictures, simply put your items pictures in the items pictures folder and they will appear in this window as product catalog, where you can place the sales order directly.
Swipe to move to another item or search by item code or barcode to go directly to a specific item. Change the category to show items from other categories. All info from the items data file will appear here, you can add items per pc or per box.

Saved sales order excel file

Select the needed items and save the sales order as regular excel file, after saving, you can view, edit, delete, or share the sales orders via email or other apps, the saved sales order will contain additionally to the items data, the sales order name, customer name, date, time, total quantity, and total price

Share sales order excel file

After saving, share the saved sales order/orders via email, drop box, Google drive or any other app, you can select more than one sales order and share them in one shot.

Note that our app support barcode reader if connected to device, you can scan customer or item barcode directly to the app.

List of benefits:

  1. Import items data from regular excel files
  2. Import customers from regular excel files
  3. Save sales orders as regular excel files
  4. Show regular JPG pictures from device storage as products catalogs
  5. Secure access to admin panel
  6. Provide the proper permissions to regular users
  7. Secure access to excel files and the ability to auto delete them after import
  8. Speed up business process
  9. Ability to send the sales orders as excel files by emails easily
  10. Share the sales orders via third party applications like Skype, Google drive, Bluetooth, wifi direct or others, easily
  11. Use third party app to provide access to your data via wifi, without wire connection to device
  12. Categorize your products, make it easy for the sales team and the customer to focus on specific items
  13. Use third party app to sync your data via Drop box, Google Drive, FTP, or network shared folder automatically
  14. Make all the product info and pictures available for your sales team in one place, in one window
  15. Support Arabic language
  16. Support any currency symbol
  17. Our app can be used to place sales returns also

Download the datasheet from here

And download user guide from here

check our youtube channel for Demo videos from here


09 February 2017


AIS Sales Order Maker


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