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Online School System

AIS- online school system

AIS online school system include multiple modules that orchestrate together to define the school system services, here is the list of modules and features:

1- User groups : Administrators, teachers, students, parents, and agenda admins

2- Agenda admin : created by the main admin and assigned to appropriate classes / sections, the agenda admin can add agenda via a reach text editor, where he can add tables, pictures, copy and past content from office files, agenda admin can assign the same agenda to multiple sections as multi selection in case needed

3- Parents : parents are linked to their children so then can see and check all the linked students data from their account, including agenda, discipline and attendance from one place

4- Attendance : used by the agenda admin to add the attendance to students, and then can be seen from the student account dashboard as from the parents account also, the attendance will record the date of attendance

5- Discipline : added by the agenda admin for student, this data can be seen by the students and their parents

6- Registration : Administrator can create new users or can approve registrations of teachers, students or parents

7- Private messages : simple way to communicate with other users by messages

8- Academic Years : Manage students by academic years and track their progress over years

9- Promotion : Control students promotion and track past data of promoted students

10- Mail / SMS : Administrators can send e-mail or SMS to teachers, students or parents

11- NewsBoard : Publish school news on board

12- Events : Publish scheduled events

13- Calendar : List events, news, exams and online exams on calendar

14- Hostel : Manage hostel and their relation to students

15- Teachers Attendance : Track attendance of teachers

16- Vacation : Teachers / Students can apply their vacations requests

17- Exams : Add exams scheduled for school students and grade levels

18- Assignments : Upload assignments related to each class by the teacher, then the students can download it within a specified time period, and upload the answer back to the system so the teacher can see them

19- Online exams : Create online exams ( Multiple choice ) for students with auto marking

20- Dormitories : Add your school dormitories

21- Accounting : Manage fee types & fee allocation & Manage students payments - Supports paypal - Automatic invoices generation available

22- Classes : Add your school classes and assign the fees allocation

23- Sections : Add your school class's sections

24- Class schedule : Create class schedule for each class / section

25- Subjects : Add subjects and their relation to teachers

26- Transportation : Control students transportation and track subscriptions

27- Books library : Create online library by either download or book availability on library

28- Media center : Create media center that support images, Youtube & Vimeo videos

29- Study Material : Manage & organize downloadable study material for students, this module is used by teachers

30- Reports : Generate data reports about various parts of system

You can simply enable/disable activated modules. go to Administrative tasks -> General Settings. you'll find Activated Modules option to select which modules running


The school system is equipped with 9 different languages : English, Arabic (RTL), French, Dutch, German, Hindi, Italian, Turkish,Russian, Spanish & Portuguese with RTL Support, you can even change the language content if needed

User can select his own language, and you can disable this feature

Even if your language isn't exist, you can add new language by clicking Add button

Dashboard: Beautiful dashboard provides you with quick statistics, latest messages, polls, upcoming news & events, leader board (students & teachers), calendar and Quick links customized based on your user group
the online school system comes with 12 themes : Blue, Blue-light, Yellow, Yellow-light, Green, Green-light, Purple, Purple-light, Red, Red-light, Black, Black-light



Below are screenshots from the system

Agenda admins created by the main system administrator


Teachers module where the main admin can import, export, print, add, approve, or edit teachers

Parents module where the admin can add parents and link them to thier children


 The main admin can send email and sms to system users


Agenda admin account, where he can add the agenda and select the class and section

he can also add attendance and discipline for the students

Student account Dashboard with an easy access to all student system modules


Student Agenda module, where he can see the agendas and the date of agendas


Parent account where he can see the data of all his linked students





09 February 2017


Online School System


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Online School System